About Us

BIOIO was founded based on two decades of research to understand better how drugs work. In particular, we leverage our learnings on how the widely used medicines, such as rapamycin, metformin, bisphosphonates, and antidepressants, work. This led us to define a gold standard for drug MoA elucidation, leading to our genetics-based MOAT platform. Increasingly, our process has become increasingly big data driven and automated. We propose this is key to accelerating drug development. Our team has evolved to add these in silico skills to virtualize our wet-lab.

Meet Our Team

Tim Peterson

Dr. Peterson trained @ MIT and Harvard in two HHMI labs. Assistant Professor at Washington University School of Medicine (WashU).

Joppe Nieuwenhuis

Trained @ Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI). Previously BD at the longevity company Rejuveron Life Sciences and biologics manufacturer Batavia Biosciences.

Roland Dolle
PhD, Med Chem

BIOIO-2001 lead.

Associate Professor @ WashU. 7 INDs. Director of WashU’s Center for Drug Discovery.

Steven Tanis
PhD, Med Chem

BIOIO-1xx1 lead.

Inventor of BIOIO-1001, 10+ years experience in this chemical class. Ex-Pfizer and Pfizer acquired companies.

Diane Seimetz
PhD, Advisor

Cumulus Oncology, Former Exec VP and CSO of Fresenius group.

Jason Sheltzer
PhD, Advisor

Assistant Professor @ Yale. Co-founder Meliora Therapeutics. MoA Analysis.

Kris Wood
PhD, Advisor

Associate Professor @ Duke University. Co-founder Tavros Therapeutics. Pre-clinical oncology collaborator.

Joseph Monahan
PhD, Advisor

CSO, Aclaris Therapeutics. Previously, Pfizer Executive Director R&D. St. Louis company building advice.

Andrey Shaw
MD, Advisor

Senior Fellow @ Genentech Immunology-Oncology.

Clay Semenkovich
MD, Advisor

Professor, Chair of Endocrinology @ WashU. Lipid metabolism expertise.

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