From Mechanism To Longevity

We use mechanism of action (MoA) to develop bona fide gerotherapies

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The Challenge

Aging is the # 1 risk factor for most common diseases. The list includes cancer, infectious, metabolic, and neurodegenerative diseases. A gerotherapy means a drug that addresses an underlying core aging molecular mechanism. Because there are multiple factors that contribute to aging, targeting them precisely is critical.

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Introducing MOAT - the BIOIO platform

MOAT (mechanism of action technologies) is a MoA-driven clinical indication prediction engine. MOAT combines both experimental and computational approaches. The strengths of our approach are two-fold. First, ensuring an accurate understanding of a small molecule’s MoA is vital to establishing contexts in which it might be effective and what its side effect liabilities might be. Second, by ensuring the compounds we advance are bona fide gerotherapies, we ensures a ‘pipeline in a pill’ - where each asset can be used in multiple clinical indications. Both aspects of the MOAT platform ensure we are focused on drug efficacy, which is a main reason therapies fail.

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BIOIO Moat target

The first clinical application

Cancer is a genetically defined disease of aging, fitting perfectly with MOAT's focus on identifying drugs precisely targeting specific proteins. MOAT has identified cancers where targeting the two aspects of lipid metabolism we are focusing on - fatty acid oxidation and sphingolipid biosynthesis - will be an effective therapy, both as single agents and in genetically informed combination therapies.

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